Why Learn Spanish in the First Place?

Start learning Spanish

You’ve got plenty of reasons to learn Spanish. Right? 

Before you embark on something as massive and time consuming as learning Spanish, you’ve got to answer one big question:

Is it even worth it?

Why are you learning Spanish?

Maybe you want to…

  • finally understand the Spanish you hear all around you
  • put it to work for you as a translator or teacher
  • expand your personal skill set
  • learn about a culture besides your own
  • travel the world

These are all lovely goals.

But you won’t achieve them with just “Hola” and “¿Cómo estás?”.

Getting beyond basics is not easy

But “not easy” is not the same as “not possible”. Just don’t forget that learning Spanish requires a ton of effort and leads to gobs of frustration. You might will:

  • Hit frustrating plateaus
  • Disappoint yourself
  • Be laughed at
  • Hate the language
  • Reach your goals
  • Master Spanish

I know because I’ve been through it 

I’ve always had an interest in languages. As a kid (and still today) I would do anything I could just to be exposed to another language. I eagerly eavesdrop on conversations I don’t understand – all for that feeling of utter confusion, that activation of your brain’s rabid desire to comprehend the nonsense sounds being made – it’s thrilling, addictive.

But maybe you’re a normal human and hate feeling that way. No worries. You’re gonna do great.

Don’t be satisfied with just the basics

Are you:

  • An absolute beginner?

  • A failed high school Spanish student?

  • Conversational but a grammatical nightmare?

  • So close to being a pro but just can’t push passed this dumb plateau?

No problem

I designed this blog to help you. You’ll find:

  • ways to avoid common Spanish pitfalls for English speakers

  • tricks to comprehending Spanish grammar

  • how to use words that don’t have a natural English equivalent

  • how to continue learning and improving no matter what level you’re at.

Becoming bilingual takes a while. But it’s all worth it.

Why are you learning Spanish? Get the conversation rolling? Let me know in the comments below.

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