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Use this Trick to Stop Translating in Your Head

Use this Trick to Stop Translating in Your Head

Hmm.. Spanish…

People who are struggling at learning Spanish tend to start with this basic formula:

I have an idea in my head – in English.

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Bilingual Spanish Speakers Aren’t Evil

Bilingual Spanish Speakers Aren't Evil

When you start learning Spanish, few things are as intimidating as speaking in front of bilingual Spanish speakers.

Oh, the horror of these two-language speaking monsters. They hear all your errors, roll Spanish words right off their wicked tongues, and secretly laugh at your thick accent. Such evil!

Hang on. You know you have to have a sense of humor about the learning process. And you know that you will make mistakes. No big deal. You can shake laugh at yourself along with native Spanish speakers.

But nothing is worse than going through all that language craziness in front of bilingual Spanish speakers.

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Break the Ice with Simple Spanish Greetings

Break the Ice with Simple Spanish Greetings

If you can’t start a conversation, you’ll never learn a new language. Introverts, I feel your pain. But if you really want to become fluent, you must learn some simple Spanish greetings.

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Why You Need a (Real) Spanish-English Dictionary

Why You Need a Real Spanish-English Dictionary

Going paperless and green are big, popular, important ideas. But if you want to learn Spanish, you’re going to have to kill some trees in the process. One of the first purchases you should make: a Spanish-English dictionary. A real, printed on paper, held in your hand, analog dictionary.

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3 Ways to Embrace Spanish Grammar

3 Ways to Embrace Spanish Grammar

Grammar is the backbone of language. It gives it shape and definition, boundaries and rules.

So trying to form Spanish sentences around the English grammar in your brain is like dressing a cat in a tuxedo. Cute, but pointless.

The common mistakes that we all make while learning to master a new set of grammar rules are natural and unavoidable. You have to flail a bit before you can swim like an olympian. The good news? You will get there eventually.

How can you learn to work with the new grammar without just translating new vocabulary into your native grammar?

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Why Learn Spanish in the First Place?

Start learning Spanish

You’ve got plenty of reasons to learn Spanish. Right? 

Before you embark on something as massive and time consuming as learning Spanish, you’ve got to answer one big question:

Is it even worth it?

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